FAQ for Automobile Accident Victims

1. Should I notify the police?
A police report can help establish injury or property damage and may prevent other parties from denying responsibility for the accident.

2. What notes should I take?
Take down names, addresses and phone numbers of other parties involved and witnesses who saw the accident. Write down the license numbers of cars in the accident and exchange insurance information with other parties. Make a point of remembering any statements made by witnesses or parties involved in the accident.

3. Should I communicate with insurance adjusters?
When insurance adjusters appear at the scene of an accident and try to elicit statements or get parties to sign documents, offer no information and refuse to sign any documents, even if the adjuster advises differently.

4. Should I get medical attention if I don't feel badly injured?
People involved in auto accidents are frequently unaware of injury at the time. Whiplash, concussion and spinal injuries may become apparent when examined by a medical doctor. Seek medical examination as soon as possible and be sure to give the doctor a detailed account of how the accident occurred and any symptoms you may be experiencing.

5. When should I contact my insurance company?
Some insurance companies require an immediate accident report or the insurance carrier will not cover the accident and injuries sustained.

6. Is it a good idea to contact a personal injury lawyer or accident attorney?
Even though the idea of contacting a lawyer may be intimidating and you might still feel overwhelmed by the accident, you need to understand and protect your rights. Responsible parties may try to claim the accident was your fault and not theirs, or you may find yourself saddled with unreasonable expenses. Initial consultations for accident cases are free and can help you get a grasp on the situation and what to expect.

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